Processes to Full Disclosure

The Processes towards Full Disclosure between Now and 2035

HAL Processes Towards Full Disclosure

How can we best complete the processes of disclosure in terms of the perception of self-other-reality trinity? It all comes down to narratives and what we project into our understanding of reality, and from that how to take personal responsibility in this process of combining the concepts of disclosure with the awakening and activation processes.

The concept of the self-other-reality trinity is a profound exploration of how individuals perceive themselves, others, and the world around them. It is a dynamic interplay where narratives shape our understanding and our understanding shapes our narratives. In the context of disclosure, this trinity becomes particularly significant.

Disclosure is not just about revealing information but also about understanding the impact of that information on one's self-perception, the perception of others, and the shared reality. It requires a delicate balance between transparency and discretion, ensuring that the process respects personal boundaries and societal norms.

To navigate this complex process, one must engage in a continuous dialogue with the self, questioning and reaffirming the narratives that define personal identity and reality. This introspection is crucial for taking personal responsibility, as it allows for a conscious choice in what to disclose and how to disclose it. It also involves recognizing the power of narratives to shape reality, which can be both empowering and daunting. By acknowledging this power, individuals can strive to create narratives that are authentic, constructive, and aligned with their values.

Moreover, the awakening and activation processes mentioned are integral to personal growth and societal progress. Awakening refers to the realization of one's own narratives and their influence, while activation involves taking steps to live out these narratives in a way that contributes positively to the self and the collective reality. These processes are iterative and ongoing, as new experiences and information continually shape our understanding.

In the end, the best way to complete the processes of disclosure in terms of the self-other-reality trinity is through a commitment to self-awareness, open-mindedness, and ethical consideration. It is about creating a space where narratives can be shared and examined without judgment, allowing for a deeper connection with the self and others. By embracing this approach, individuals can foster a more nuanced and empathetic understanding of reality, which is essential for personal responsibility and collective harmony.

There Are 3 Tiers within Full Disclosure

1. The Nuts & Bolts

In the Nuts & Bolts stepladder process, which is already rolling out with the UAPs (formerly known as UFOs) but now including oceanic, terrain, aerial and transmedium – and let me add interdimensional – not of this world technology, crafts, and drones (3D-5D).

2. The Interdimensional

In the interdimensional stepladder process, we find the alien human-hybrid genetic modification programs, alteration of the human genome via secret societies off-planet projects that have been part of our reality field for the last 15000 years.

3. The Secret Programs

The military alien-human alliance coalitions, and the off-planet projects between groups within humanity and the later incoming extraterrestrial groups (such as the semi-organic Grays) and their on-board 4D crafts genetic replication and hyperbolic programs.

The Processes of Disclosure

The first fact is that most do not know the full extent of the hidden realities and the alien reality programs, although many has looked at the diverse theories on this topic.

Nevertheless, it must be understood that most of this information is distorted deliberately. And, it must also be taken into consideration that these concepts and ideas are based upon the notions that we are dealing with humans like you and me. Yet, most do not realize that these groups of in-program humans are not like you and me, but part of something hidden, an inner reality, secret for most with programs beyond their wildest fantasies.

Of course, everybody has heard of the spiritual worlds but that is a sort of a distorted concept of a semi-human inner reality where the souls go and not a huge inner reality inhabited by many off world humans and humanoids from other parallel universes, having used our world for their own benefit, production, and exploitation.

Investigate the HAL New Approaches

As I see it, we face the following challenges, which we are to step up to:


  • Where does humanity, as a race, belong in terms of a future among other universal human races?
  • What needs to be developed to get humanity able to achieve that?
  • What needs to be learned?
  • Does the current humanity have the skills for that?

The Big Questions Are


  • Who, of the old type of human genetic structure, is ready to do this work and what it entails in the learning process of the hidden realities, the clans, the insectoids, the technologies, and the code sheets linked to diverse technology of which some are difficult to shut down without the inner sight and sensing, and not in our favor connecting us to the humanoid alien automatic devices?
  • This technology is everywhere in our homes, in public places etc. because its non-local and follows the genetics of the human.
  • And how do we begin the work of teaching these sciences to humans with dormant brain capacity?
  • What is to be learned to shift the mindset out of the outdated spiritual belief systems into a highly advanced technological hidden reality?
  • How are we to teach humans what they hold in their energy system, unknowingly of alien genetics and technologies, going off as holograms with a genetic-energy package affecting our energy systems in a negative way, as our reality lifts into the hidden realities?
  • How are we to teach humans that they are engineered to be weapons to take out the old type of humans (the Supersoldier programs under the Sirian-Orion-Zeta races all over the world), having inserted organic genetics break down systems to affect other humans.
  • How are we to manage the old reversed code sheets in humans from e.g., the 4th cycle human programs, holding holographic magic, reversing the code sheets in other humans.
  • How are we to meet the new engineered hybrid children, engineered to activate on their own. And in this present an awareness, we barely can keep up with? Worst case scenario a world led by children, with little to none empathy or understanding of human emotions and behavior.
  • How are we to change the existing systems running our primitive current world into systems where the new humans are part and the old type of humans (us) can live side by side?
  • Are we to let the alien technologies go into a full break down of environment and structures, leading to a premature resetting in the years to come?
  • And how do we face up to the energetic challenges this will bring about?



Humans must learn to understand that other humans are not their enemy but fellow humans, which have been manipulated, re-engineered and made into something they have no control over. Or has got insectoid technology, all from artificial bugs to possessing entities, attached to them.

We must help each other to become harmless and learn to deal with the hidden programs, genetics, and technologies, put into these humans to take out the humans that could make changes in the world, activating the original human genetics.