HAL Changemakers are Pioneers

HAL Changemakers

We are the Pioneers of the Future Sciences - as Citizen Changemakers

Exploring the New Sciences in Everyday Life

The concept of citizen changemakers in the realm of future sciences is a vehicle of the collective power of individuals to drive innovation and progress.

As pioneers, the HAL Changemakers embrace the challenges of uncharted territories in various fields such as bio-energetic therapies, a higher order usage of artificial intelligence, and new forms of long-lasting energy sources. Their endeavors are not just about scientific breakthroughs but also about fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration that transcends borders.

This approach democratizes the process of discovery, allowing diverse voices to contribute to the scientific narrative and ensuring that the benefits of advancements are widely accessible. The spirit of exploration and the desire to make a positive impact on society are the hallmarks of these modern-day explorers of the scientific frontier.

Strategic Processes

When we talk about the future, there are many aspects to consider. It is not the naïve straight forward solutions that will make it, but the human higher order abilities to generate a sort of governmental agile project management.

Because a human future that will make it, must be a human future that can progress, change, and adapt to the challenges ahead.

We must be proactive and agile in our assessment of what is happening above, below, inside, and outside of us. For this new type of agility ability, we must learn how to work with energy, and learn how to modify and transform the 5th cycle holographic-energetic code streams, holographic-energetic code patterns and units that lie beneath all forms of reality and living lifeforms.

Become a Changemaker

In so many ways, the challenges of the future hinge upon the agility ability to work with energy as part of the higher order sciences. 

The higher order sciences hinge on the higher order capacities and developed higher order consciousness that can become the new human neural network (not to be confused with AI neural network) baseline.

Non-Theistic Sciences

The future timelines, the non-theistic science approach, and how to work with energy in transformative processes are key in this undertaking. In this, we also understand that the path to the future is something that we need to generate and create as the challenges and changes occur around us. It is a learn-in-the-moment and find the solutions in the now process. It is not the process of a post-event attempt to find the answers long after the signs of change have altered the foundational windows of opportunities.

This is important because the code streams, that connect us to the future timelines, are only there in short moments, as windows of opportunity. They are not lingering on for us to find them and then change our ways.

This is not Science Fiction - This is Our Future

As I see it, the most optimal future, is a future where humanity can thrive and develop new advanced forms of transformative work with energy, consciousness and technology as a vision that could inspire to pursue consciousness-based innovation and collaboration. I should mention that the processes, we are in now, of discovering UAPs and otherworldly technologies will eventually lead to a general sharing of the already here and integrated reverse engineered technologies.

We are yet to discover the sciences that have been extracted from the work with the extraterrestrial and terrestrial technologies, which have been provided to us by different groups of extraterrestrial allies. The sharing of these technologies with the public will be the next step after the political, scientific, and public acceptance of UAPs as well as the presence of the extraterrestrial groups behind the - in our reality - operating UAPs.


From these shared sciences and blueprints of advanced technologies, humanity will, at large, begin to design and implement scientific and technological systems that are developed from these advanced otherworldly sciences, such as new forms of secure and clean sources of energy, be it solar, wind, or geothermal processes of how to produce renewable and long-lasting energy sources. Sciences will learn how to process solar energy into geo-kinetic energy, via fusion dynamics that are long-living and non-pollutive. The future holds promise of advanced technologies to be invented in the years to come.

Are you ready to reach new heights?

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