Awakening and Activation

On Awakening and Activation

The concept of an awakening process is indeed a profound and multifaceted journey that varies greatly from person to person. It often begins with a growing awareness of one's own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, leading to a deeper understanding of the self.

This introspection can reveal long-held beliefs and assumptions that may no longer serve the individual, prompting a reevaluation of personal values and worldviews.

As this process unfolds, many report experiencing a heightened sense of connection with others and the world at large, fostering a feeling of unity and compassion.

This transformation can also manifest in a newfound appreciation for life's complexities and a more mindful presence in the moment. It may encourage the pursuit of knowledge and truth, guiding individuals to seek out new experiences and understandings. 

The awakening process can be challenging, as it often requires confronting uncomfortable truths and letting go of familiar but limiting patterns. However, it can also be incredibly liberating, offering a sense of freedom and empowerment as one aligns more closely with their authentic self.

Throughout this journey, many find that their relationships with others evolve, as they become more empathetic and open-hearted. They may also discover a deeper connection to nature and the universe, sometimes exploring spiritual or philosophical paths that resonate with their expanding consciousness. The awakening process is not linear, nor is it the same for everyone; it is a personal evolution that can lead to profound changes in how one perceives and interacts with the world.

In essence, the awakening process is about shedding the layers that obscure our true essence, allowing us to live more fully and authentically. It's a path of transformation that can bring about a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment, and harmony with the world. Whether through meditation, reflection, or various forms of self-expression, those on this path often find that it enriches their lives in unexpected and meaningful ways. It's a journey that can continue throughout one's life, as there is always more to discover and understand about ourselves and the universe we inhabit.

HAL Academy Booklet on the Awakening and Activation Process

It all begins with our abilities to interact with the other-dimensional energies and perception as part of our inner-outer psychic-energetic activation process.

The Higher Order Awakening

On the Process of Waking Up or Awakening

The first step of the higher order awakening process is to accept that reality is more than just the obvious and what we can see and sense with our 5 senses. When that is accepted and experienced, the next step is to develop the inner and higher order abilities, enabling us to discern between the energetic distortion mechanisms, the shut-down mechanisms and the deception technologies, and the accurate higher order information.

Therefore, the higher order awakening process is mostly about an acceptance of the unacknowledged hidden realities and then it is all about getting back to our true potentials, to be fully able to integrate all that we are as higher order humans. Then, the process must move into a relearning process of what it means to be an awakened human on this planet. That is the higher order awareness way of living. Our personality is the communicating interface system we use, when we are around other humans. We use it when we interact with outer and inner circumstances, activated by other fellow beings.

Knowing about the higher order states of consciousness and the holographic-energetic multilayered human and humanoid races will be part of the future. Therefore, we need to learn to function among our own race and the other races here, and learn how to we interact, treat and are around others.

The HAL Academy on the Awakening and Activation Processes

In this podcast series with 21 podcasts, I work with some of the ideas, concepts, and processes behind, in and beyond the awakening and activation processes.


An awakening process usually refers to a significant shift in someone's perception, consciousness, or understanding about themselves and the world around them. It can involve becoming more aware of deeper truths, questioning old beliefs, and experiencing a greater sense of interconnectedness. It is often described as a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


An activation process typically involves triggering or initiating a specific state, ability, or potential within oneself. It can occur through various means such as meditation, energy work, personal development practices, or even external events that catalyze a shift in consciousness or behavior. The goal is to awaken dormant aspects of oneself or to tap into higher levels of awareness, creativity, or spiritual connection.


Or is there more to this? I explore this in this series of podcasts.

The goal is the everyday living with focus on the practical solutions to the challenges, we are to become more acquainted with the awakening and activation processes.

These challenges are not just about the inner work, but just as much about the obstacles from the holographic-energetic reality and the multidimensionality and the other dimensions connected to our reality.

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