The Vision and Purpose

Human Evolution has Never Been More Rapid

The HAL Academy Vision for Humanity

- A Higher Awareness Lifestyle (HAL)

The HAL Academy's baseline is to support the human evolution and progression possibilities and our quest for progress and innovation. By seeding, developing and integrating the proposed higher order of process-based awareness, the HAL Academy aims to facilitate a transformative shift in how we perceive reality and our place within it. This ambitious project seeks not just to react to the inevitability of change but to embrace it, progress our innate adaptability and continued search for knowledge of how to navigate the future's uncertainties with confidence and creativity.

The HAL Academy's philosophy aims to amplify the ideas that as our cognitive horizons expand, so will our capacity to approach life's new challenges with agility and confidence because we have learned how to do so - physically, psychologically and in terms of how to integrate the higher order awareness.

However, the higher order awareness is not just for our personal use and needs as a passive process. The abilities we activate must be part of a cultivation of progressive awareness that leads to an active engagement with the world, requiring a willingness to rethink established paradigms and to be at the forefront of pioneering thought. In this dynamic environment, individuals are encouraged to challenge their preconceptions, to innovate beyond conventional boundaries, and to develop a nuanced understanding of the complex interplay between mind, society, and the cosmos.

At its core, the HAL Academy is a hub for the synthesis of new ideas, where the fusion of diverse perspectives and disciplines generate insights and new frames of reference into the nature of consciousness and the fabric of reality. It is a an energetic space where the scientific-intellectual meets the higher order psychological-existential awareness, where higher order theoretical exploration is grounded in everyday practical application, and where every discovery is a stepping stone to the next frontier of human potential.

The HAL Academy's commitment to this holistic and higher order scientific educational approach reflects the conviction that the key to thriving in a rapidly evolving world lies in our ability to not just acquire knowledge but to weave it into the tapestry of our daily lives. By equipping individuals with the tools to think critically, act innovatively, and live purposefully, the HAL Academy aspires to be a beacon of enlightenment and a catalyst for societal renewal, ushering in an era where human ingenuity and wisdom pave the way for a flourishing future.

The Mission

Teach the higher order sciences, enabling humans to build the higher order energy system by utilizing the worked-with information of the New Main Timelines Configuration of 3 New Reality and 5 Higher Dimensional Timelines.

The Vision

To obtain the multidimensional knowledge and by this, learn to work with the holographic energies behind our reality field. With this knowledge, we can learn how to transform the holographic code systems behind all lifeforms and systems of reality.

The Main Goal

We are sharing the same highway as the other systemic races doing the transition, but we are driving in our own version of vessels. The goal is to transform the lower order fields into its higher order equivalent as the higher order perception field of true energy.

It is Time to Learn Holographic Energy Work

The HAL Academy text and video material is built up in a step-ladder manner to develop the ability to discern between different states of perception, different reality concepts and developmental programs. The information, and how we work with it to change our reality and what it means to be human, supports the work with our processes of regaining our higher order consciousness structure.


We live in a world where the reality field reset dynamics are manifested into different changes and adaptations of known functional societal, economic and environmental systems, overall changes in the human neurobiology, with expansion of psychological processes and new types of self-adjustment mechanisms.

The general approach for the next stages of human evolution will be to learn how to solve the challenges at hand, be it psychical, psychological, cognitive, individual or collective, mechanical or technological, either by the focus on a joint effort to solve the issues, or choosing to segregate into earlier consciousness states of the outdated human and humanoid gene codes, types of selfish awareness and disrupted rules of engagement.


As we modify our energy system, clear the distorted gene codes, and upgrade the connection points to match the future timelines holographic code streams, our original configuration demands “proof” of our ability to work with energy and consciousness again.


The sectors, we are part of now, have always bore the facilities for the energetic work to complete older forms of energetic evolutionary processes, where we could develop the final stages of how to master what we were and change it into what we could become. In the outer domain (terrestrial worlds), we do the turn-around, shift position in reality configuration and shed off the old configurations. In the denser energies, it is possible to rebuild our energy system, progress it in a slower pace to match the requirements of the worlds, we want to go to.


The HAL Academy Online Courses are part of the transition and transcension processes.

To move beyond this reality, the correct sciences of what we truly are, how we are constructed energetically, as well as how we change our energy system code configuration and vibrate our consciousness units into a higher order middle domain configuration of our system are part of the higher order sciences needed to align energetically and consciously with the future realities and their worlds beyond our current system.


We are Way Overdue for the Needed Changes

The true composition of our solar system is highly advanced. It is just the segment, we live in, that has been kept low-leveled by the use of timeline event energies. For now, our solar system appears to consist of electromagnetic energies. And yet it does not; the moment we get our complete perception field and our higher order awareness back, the 4th dimensional prohibiting technologies and the adjacent reality fields, with their lifeforms, will appear.

Humans are to understand that the reality setup, they see, is a limited version showing merely half the picture. It is so because the human perception field has been tampered with. The normal human cognitive abilities are dysfunctional and underdeveloped, supported by a limited eye sight restricted within the spectrum of light, along with limited sensing and limited awareness faculties.

The quantum fields, all kinds of electromagnetic energy and the atoms are the remnants of the timeline event. This energetic setting is referred to as the density 1 fields. Although the density 1 is correct in the after-timeline-event reality constructions, it is incorrect in the before-timeline-event realities. There the lowest realities existed in density 2, i.e. from the 4th to 6th dimensions, which at the time was the density 1. The current DE1, i.e. from the 1st to 3rd dimensions, is an artificial construction and unnatural. Therefore, as the NGC does it work, the DE1 will activate its content, followed by an evaporation as the distorted 5th cycle Sirian energies fade out and what came from the 3rd cycle will cease to be. The DE1 and all that are built upon these energies are set to go, after which the DE2 becomes the lowest field of existence again.


The original solar system recovering dynamics are in the making, and then there is humanity situated in the lower order energy section. And what are humans to do, as their reality changes and huge sections are removed into the density 2, leaving behind a dying cold density 1?


The Big Choices

Humanity have to make the clear choices to leave behind their usage of outdated forms of energy and their archaic methods of utilization of the reality resources.


The climate changes can be of assistance to teach humanity a higher responsibility for their environment. Because as reality kicks back and shows humanity, how their ways of arranging themselves in this world have become unacceptable, perhaps more humans will be eager to do the right choices for a better future for all.


Humans have to change their ways of living, if they want a chance of a continuation of their existence. The future awaits the humans that are willing to do the transition into the progressive sections of our solar system, and the rest will meet the final stages of the NGC and the cleanup dynamics over the next 100 years or so. It is only possible to do a global transition for the entire human population and shifting our reality field in full, if a majority of humans choose to leave behind their present-day ways of living, and if they choose to return to the progressive lifestyle.

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