HAL in Future Sciences

HAL in Future Sciences

The future timelines unfold their possibilities and probabilities within a non-theistic science framework. This perspective emphasizes the importance of proactive engagement with the present to influence future outcomes, rather than passively observing and reacting to changes.

The future timelines hold various potential paths that humanity and our world might take, based on current trends, technological advancements, and societal shifts.

A non-theistic science approach to these timelines does not rely on divine intervention or predetermined destinies; instead, it focuses on the power of human agency and the natural laws governing the universe.

The exploration of future timelines ushers us to consider long-term consequences and to envision multiple scenarios that could unfold from today's decisions and innovations.

Energy transformation is a key concept in both physics and the broader context of societal change. It involves converting energy from one form to another, ensuring that while energy can be transferred or transformed, it is never lost—adhering to the law of conservation of energy. This principle is crucial in understanding how to work with energy in transformative processes, whether it is in the context of sustainable development, technological innovation, or personal growth.


In transformative processes, energy does not just refer to physical power but also to the metaphorical energy of ideas, innovation, and collective will. Developing and transforming all forms of reality energies and holographic-energetic units requires understanding the dynamics of energy transformation.


The assertion that we must generate and create our path to the future as challenges arise is key to the importance of personal and societal adaptability and innovation. The future is not a distant, static destination but a dynamic continuum that we are constantly shaping with our actions and choices in the present.


We must align with the concept of 'windows of opportunity,' and the brief periods when specific actions can lead to significant and positive changes. These windows are fleeting, and recognizing them requires vigilance and readiness to act. It is a call to be present, aware, and engaged in the ongoing process of transformation.


The journey towards the future is an active and continuous process of learning and adapting. By embracing a non-theistic science approach – and by that embrace our responsibility as co-engineers and co-creators of our reality field - and understanding the principles of energy transformation, we can better navigate the challenges of the present and seize the windows of opportunity that lead to desirable future timelines. It is a reminder that our collective efforts and innovations are the streams that connect us to a myriad of possible futures, and it is up to us to choose which ones we will follow and bring into reality.

HAL Academy Booklet on the 3-Earth Theory

It all begins with our abilities to interact with the other-dimensional energies and perception as part of our inner-outer psychic-energetic activation process.

The Continuation Scheme

We can unite consciousness progression and the higher order forms of advanced technology for the highest good of the many, and in alignment with the understanding of 5th dimensional code streams, holographic-energetic reality fields and how we, as living lifeforms, can alter the worlds we are part of by our very being.


For this concept to work, we must accept that we are made of energy, have the potentials of a progressive and ever-expanding consciousness, and the abilities to transform reality field energies via our consciousness capacities. The main goal with the universal cycles of existence is to generate the higher order version of life force – not just the energy of the organic vessels - which will become the foundational level of evolution within the next universal cycles as energy has been the foundation for several universal cycles now.

The work with energy, as a foundation without consciousness potentials, has been the main work for all lifeforms within the previous 4 universal cycles. Here we have participated in the work to transform energy in all variations into becoming able to hold, carry and emit consciousness configurations and reality field patterns. However, this is now coming to a sort of completion.

Before we can move into the next cycle, we must deal with the energetic fragments and leftovers from the previous cycles in our personal timeline and template work as well on a collective level mirrored in the ways we generate services, products, items, goods, machines, and technology.

As a solar system civilization, we should be on the progressive path of rising from the dust and chaos of our ancestors’ mistakes, and in the processes of undoing the damages they caused to the human genome, human awareness, and the solar system dynamics. And yet, we act as if this is our first rodeo in the utilization and implementation of advanced technology. We have lost insight into our true history due to choices made by certain groups within the descendants, and their otherworldly allies, of these long-gone high cultures that once thrived within our solar system. Today only few know the true human history of why only one planet – as far as we know – holds lifeforms today.

Since our universal scheme is long overdue for its elevation cycles, and so is our sun, we are now in the processes of a pushed-on elevation cycle aided by infusions of core energies from the future Andromedan system.


This pushed-on elevation cycle is given as a final opportunity for the remaining groups to understand the necessity of transforming the distorted energy units into a process of upholding and progressing the higher order consciousness potentials within the collective holographic-energetic framework of a reality field for the highest good of the many, and not as means for pollution, distortion, and selfish purposes.

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