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The quest for human advancement and reaching our full potential is a continued and ongoing process. Throughout history, civilizations have risen and fallen, each contributing to the collective knowledge and progress of humanity. In modern times, the rapid pace of technological innovation has opened new frontiers in our understanding of the world and ourselves. And with this innovation new horizons within the understanding of consciousness must arise as well. 

Thus, the challenges remain to balance this progress with ethical considerations and personal development. The concept of a 'higher order version' of humanity involves a holistic approach, the abilities to integrate the technological advancements with the cultivation of physical, emotional. intellectual and higher order awareness capacities. It is an ongoing journey for all of us that requires continuous learning, adaptation, and the willingness to evolve.

As we look to the future, it is important to remember that progress is not just about what we achieve externally, but also about how we grow internally. It is about how we evolve from a terrestrial into a multidimensional civilization by the use of consciousness-based sciences. 

The HAL Academy Reclaims Our Capacities

Reclaim your multidimensional, cosmic and holographic capacities.

The HAL Advanced Energy Work Courses show you the way to break free of your energetic limitations and the base program.

Reclaim your abilities to work with consciousness and holographic energy. The HAL Higher Order Sciences teach the methods to achieve this. Understand the Principles, the Rules and the Laws of Energy.

Reclaim your rights to become an upgraded and expanded human.

The HAL Transition Sciences show you the ways to break free of the energetic limitations and explain the transformation processes in detail.

Get ready for the transition challenges, the shift of the sun and the new type of energy work with the Changemaker Material.

We are in for a Change of Massive Proportions & We Must Be Ready.

Studying the HAL Academy Material

Beginning this work is a journey into many inner and outer processes of change. It is a confrontation of our belief systems and a challenge to our psychological comfort zones.

The new approaches to the progression work might be confusing but it is the way our inner world works; there are cognitive processes, emotional patterns and then there are the unknown territories within the subconscious, being the border into the realms holding our higher order perceptions of self.

These different characteristics of the psyche must be shown to get the complete picture of the developmental journey into the unknown layers of the human constitution and from the depths of all that we are, we might find solutions to our personal developmental journey. We learn to use the inner search method to reach new potentials of what it means to be a progressive human in a world of changes and challenges.

Suggested Best Order to do the HAL Academy Material

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1. The Higher Order Senses Course

2. The Awakening and Activation Course

3. The Transition Courses 1-7

4. The Basic 4D and 5D Clearing Work Courses

5. The Advanced Clearing Work Courses 1-4

6. The Template Science Courses 1-4

7. The Reconfiguration Courses 1-3

And the other Courses that follow. 

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You learn via the HAL Academy Course Material. Each Course consists of text material, podcasts and Q&As where you can ask the in-depth questions to the material and I will assist you in getting further in your learning processes with special tailored answers meant for you and your process.

You study in your own pace. I will send the material to you and get you connected to Vimeo. If you are in need of support, please connect to me and I will guide you on the how-to.

All HAL Academy Material has the Option of extra Personal Sessions and Mentoring via the HAL Psychic-Energetic Counselling.

We communicate over the Internet, via Skype, Zoom, or Signal and Email.

You sign up by paying the fee for each course via HAL Academy Webshop

When PayPal, Stripe or your bank (if you choose bank transfer) has notified me, you get a welcome email from me, giving the details of how to get access to the podcasts on Vimeo, along with the course material.

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