To the Stars...Ad Astra

To the Stars....Ad Astra

by Randi Green

In the Beginning, the Earth and the Heavens were Quiet...

At least that is what we are told both in the theories of Big Bang and other similar reality myths (whatever branch of the original higher order sciences we choose to rely on).

The HAL Academy Progression Sciences teach the sciences behind the Restoration Program, the original Pillar Project, the architecture of the transformative energy system, the template along with the dynamics of reconstruction of the energy system configuration needed to deal with the upcoming challenges, as our reality field resets and the organic vessels reunite with what remains of their original configuration.

Imagine the following scenario

We are in a higher dimensional holographic reality. For this purpose, a world similar to our reality field. In this world there are 3 main factions present, although existing in three different energy settings, called domains, due to holographic overlay technologies (reality programs), variation in density energies and holographic energies, and different types of gene code upholding programs:


  • A technological outer domain driven mainly by information cubes and semi-organic maintainers. This group is a leftover of a very old program, that used to run the sector in the times after a huge cataclysmic event, where most of the original human inhabitants went into stasis and left the repairing and transformation of the outer areas in the hands of augmented reality programs, the program units with the genetic code systems (information cubes) and the semi-organic maintainers upgraded for the purpose of individual, critical and innovative thinking processes. The latter allowing them to engineer, reproduce and upgrade the different organic vessels within human projects, set into motion within different ages, called cycles, and via these cycles of progression instigating repair on both the human gene codes and the environment. A choice done by the joint Councils of the sectorial races of that quadrant.

  • A from time-to-time inhabited middle domain with incomers from other similar constructions. These diverse groups, due to the absence of active governance from the original systemic inhabitants, being in stasis, to the advantage of the misfortune of our system, and annexed the reality field middle and inner domains to their other-reality field configurations and via this, generated artificial dimensions from there they could operate within the outer domain and its repair inclusions and sections, organic vessels and different cycles engineered to repair the original code sequences for the general sector.

  • An inner domain entirely holographic-radiation based reality field, with the remains of the original DE3 gene codes and templates of the sectorial technologies and developmental programs, that once belonged to the humanoid groups that once traversed this sector. However, due to the cataclysmic event, the destruction of the inner domain reality field code systems and gene codes for organic vessels, the groups of the inner domain have been forced to either take on the outer domain semi-organic forms, as their vessel, or remain as pure holographic-code-radiation entities.


All three groups are in constant in-fighting for survival, accretion of viable reality field networks and racial grids gene code sequences. The last big battle stands on the access to the core domain, where the main gene code Library is positioned, along with the in-stasis original human organic vessels that in the hands of the victorious races would provide the overall access to the reality field technologies behind the core, inner, middle and other domains – and with that, the template configurations for the original human organic vessel, the bio-codes for the eternity blueprint (progressive lifeforce and consciousness units able to reconfigure and self-repair) along with the diverse flame letter technologies, such as the blue flame reconfiguration technology.

Sounds like Science Fiction?

What if I told you that this is our world? And that we are part of these outer domain repair programs, that to a large extent have failed and that we are behind schedule? How would you respond to that?

And if I then add that the original technologies upholding the outer domain are now – due to the unsuccessful human projects done over the diverse cycles – are completely breaking down, causing the repair programs to shut down, the artificial holographic reality field overlay programs to dismantle and in the attempt to reboot, the original programs cubes run code sequences that are outdated and by that replay the content of previous cycles and human projects into the current human program gene codes, causing gene code disruption and reality field distortion?

The Maintainers have tried for a long time to adjust the current human programs to the original reality settings, that within the next 50 years will bleed through into our reality settings, changing everything we know. And, if we do not upgrade to manage the original outer domain energies, our template, energy system and organic vessels will reset to default, erasing everything else in an attempt to relocate the in-restoration program gene codes back into the original vessels in stasis?

I can tell you, that that would be a disaster of proportions, which is why the Progressive Races finally pulled out in 2020, as it became clear that the repair of the sun would no longer be possible due to worn-out density 2 vibration fields and collapsing density 3 radiation shields.

And by the collapse of the density 2 vibration fields and density 3 radiation shields, the connected domains would put in motion the same process from the core domains and into the outer domain worlds, i.e., the solar system as you know it.

At the same time, the middle domain humanoids and the inner domain holographic-radiation groups are fighting to get access to the core domain technologies by scavenging the gene codes of the original lineages, and their human representative, inside our reality (“Earth”).


But it Does Not End There

Due to the breaking down of the old inserted technologies, the original construction began its “call-out” sequences this year. These are called the Mother Programs, in our language, playing on the idea of the origin of the programs behind our reality field construction.

The Mother Programs run the self-annihilation code sequences that began with the closing down of the genetic Library, obliteration of the in-stasis vessels and their pods, and from there began the pull-out of core domain holographic architecture and template code systems – returning these to original default settings of the Ancient Ones in the 6th dimension.

Everything else has entered what is called the Devastation Cycles – set to run over 30 years - where what is viable will activate and what is not, will be aligned with the old cyclic configuration from where these templates, energy systems and their consciousness potentials will revert to any earlier configuration with viable gene codes, connected to holographic code streams of earlier cycles and by that overwrite the current personality matrix with the older one. A process that will occur within the remaining population of our reality field, across all domains.

For that reason, most of the other-reality races, having had their operations here, have pulled out and left the building and they are only returning for shorter periods of time to reboot their gene code sequences from what remains of their old harvesting programs.


Those of us that carry the original gene codes of the human lineages, we need to ask these questions:

  • How do we adapt to the “return-to-original setting” challenges in a setup of accretion, destruction, chaos and distortion?

  • What can we utilize of our original configuration and what must be left to dismantle?


  • How do we undo the failures of the previous gene code repair cycles, such as Lemuria, Atlantis, the reseeding of the 4th cycle some 50000 years ago, the hijacking some 15000 years ago by other sectorial races not indigenous to our sector and their genetic modification programs, and other similar events that all had the same purpose: to disable our gene code from activating?


There are no simple answers. Only a steep learning curve where we must learn, within a very short period of time, the original sciences of the human lineages operating within our solar system, or should I say, in the original holographic-radiation-vibration reality configurations.


The HAL Academy Parapsychology & the Progression Work

The HAL Academy explores the sciences behind the Restoration Program, the original Pillar Project, the design and function of the transformative energy system and the consciousness potentials of our original holographic- energetic architecture along with the dynamics of the reconstruction sciences of the energy system configuration needed to deal with the upcoming challenges, as our reality field resets and the organic vessels reunite with what remains of their original configuration.



The HAL Academy Future Humanities

To assist our energy system in its recalibration, we need to exemplify what we have learned in our studies of the higher order sciences. The original energy system configurations are interactively connected to the reality field technologies and architecture, meaning that as we develop, so will the original programs develop similarly. The other way around applies as well. As the original systemic humanities declined, so did the worlds they had engineered, and the in-stasis solution was an attempt to preserve the reality technologies and architecture as well as the original developmental gene code programs.

As we modify our energy system, clear the distorted gene codes and clear the connection points to dysfunctional holographic code streams, connected to earlier failed or destroyed progression cycles in our system and beyond, our original configuration demands “proof” of our ability to work with energy and consciousness again.

The HAL Academy Changemaker Material is an attempt to mirror the way the original programs worked with interactive dynamics, following the usage of holographic energy units within selected projects, and their prospected outcome in the form of consciousness advancement.

All innovative projects of the work stations were instigated to adjust and change the reality setup into prosperous reality fields with a higher progression rate.


However, as it were in the olden days, the work in the outer domains remains the same. Here we work with the processes of transformation and dissolving of outdated holographic energy units along with the upgrading of our consciousness potentials.


The outer domains have always been the last stage to master what we were and change it into what we could become. In the outer domain, we can do the turn-around, shift position in reality configuration and then shed off the old configuration. In the denser energies, it is possible to rebuild our energy system, progress it in a slower pace to match the requirements of the worlds, we want to go to.