Another Reality....Entirely...

Another Reality


by Randi Green

When we begin living in the world with our newly achieved, should we call it powers or abilities, we are in the process of activating new skill sets of reality perceptions.


We struggle with the new layers of information that constantly bombards us with energetic challenges and new notions of who we are and what reality is.


Throughout time, many people have tried to bridge the ancient solar system civilizations, and their otherworlds, to our understanding of reality in tales, stories, mythical narratives, and spiritual practices.


These groups of storytellers and practitioners did this to remind us of our true ancestry and that we can move beyond this realm and into other worlds of existence. And yet the present-day reality perceptions have almost completely omitted the possibilities of such other worlds along with their advanced civilizations.

The HAL Academy Progression Sciences teach the sciences behind the Restoration Program, the original Pillar Project, the architecture of the transformative energy system, the template along with the dynamics of reconstruction of the energy system configuration needed to deal with the upcoming challenges, as our reality field resets and the organic vessels reunite with what remains of their original configuration.

The esoteric teachings utilized different approaches to explain the subtle fields, connected to our human form. One method was to use symbolic language such as the waters (emotions) and the air (often interpreted as the intellectual faculties).


As we access the holographic-energetic higher order reality fields and their equivalent energy fields behind our physical body, we get why the symbolic language was chosen to explain the experiences achieved in inner work and contemplation.

Carl Gustav Jung[1] referred to the ocean in dreams as a symbolic representation of the subconscious, and it is easy to see why. Just think about the ocean: The restless waves on the surface aligned with and responding to the conditions above it and beyond.

As if the waves have chosen to act as the junction between the heaven and the secret layers of the earth.

Beneath the surface, we find the dark murky waters filled with creatures. Lurking, moving around, thriving, and affecting us in numerous ways. Concealed from our everyday sense of self, our psychological processes, and other inner states of awareness, they operate through different projection mechanisms, and by these are reflected into our perception of the outer reality.

We must step into the higher state of awareness to move beyond the everyday cognizant alpha brain wave state. In the higher state of awareness, we ignite the full potentials of the frontal lobes, along with the electrochemical processes within the gamma brain wave spectrum. In the higher state of focused extra sensory perception, we can explore what the higher order levels of reality are about.[2]

At the other end of the advanced energetic inner work spectrum, in energetic-meditative states, we can utilize the theta brain waves to pierce the veil between our everyday cognizant processes and dive into the murky waters with their mythological creatures and other subconscious patterns - be it on an individual or within the collective levels of the subtle realities, permeating the subconscious segments of our individual holographic-energetic fields.

We must excavate the unearthed layers of our core presence, secretly evading our restless mind and continuing electrochemical bursts of emotional material, before we can reach and connect to the higher order light sheets. These layers of light are not light as we know it and yet, they create the vibrational field.

Only within the changeable fluctuations of the inner light sheets, creating the higher order vibrational field, can the hidden content of the 3 lower fields be pushed to the surface. This activation and cleanup process will reveal the content as mere illusions because in the clarity of the higher order pervading lights, the vibrational field is composed of, we can investigate the 3 lower fields for what they are, and for what purpose they have been generated. We learn to perceive reality for what it truly is along with an appreciation of our core being.

Moreover, the goal of this energetic-meditative activation and cleanup process is to transform the 3 lower fields into higher order states of energy. Naturally to the degree it is possible.

From these transformative processes we gain knowledge of the many otherworldly realms of existence, or, alternatively, learn what holographic-energetic sequences that are disadvantageous to our progression journey towards the higher state of awareness.

How do we know what is of use and what is not? As we develop the higher order vibrational light field and its sheets of expanding and unraveling psychic-energetic forces, we activate new higher order holographic-energetic code layers, we can utilize to expose, investigate, and explore the content of the vibrational field.

This level is the radiation field, generating and operating the higher order faculties of mind, where the mental capacities change from the lower subtle energetic states of intelligent activity into the dynamics of transformative fire.

And here lies the conundrum: How is it that water can turn into light, and air can turn into fire? These are questions to be worked with in inner work, meditation, and contemplation.


[2] Look up on the Internet to understand the different brain waves – one example: