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Another Way to Understand Reality

The HAL Approach to the Alien Agenda

The future timelines, the non-theistic science approach, and how to work with energy in transformative processes are key in this process. In this, we also understand that the path to the future is something that we need to generate and create as the challenges and changes occur around us.


It is a learn-in-the-moment process and a find the solutions in the now, and not long after the first signs of change have altered the foundational windows of opportunities, the code streams within the future timelines offer to us. In so many ways, the challenges of the future hinge upon the joint ability to work with energy as part of the higher order sciences which in turn hinges on the higher order capacities and developed higher order consciousness that can become the new neural network baseline.

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I get access to the information in my holographic-energetic configuration (higher order energy system of the future) and then I am shifted into another nodal point (timeline sequence) from where I cannot access the higher order information of my energy system.

It goes without saying that this is the game.

Coming into this reality from the future nodal points of existence within the holographic-energetic reality fields of the future is not an easy task. It has been called a suicide mission. Most of the ones that chose to do transfer via the quantum bridges into this section of time, we knew it was a one-way journey......

Another Form of Disclosure - the HAL Approach 

In this introduction to the podcast series, I lay out the ideas behind and how I approach the concepts behind the typical disclosure ideas and the alien agenda.

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Over the years, from 2007 until 2016, I went into series of inner-outer explorative psychic-energetic processes to find techniques to amplify the higher order inner-outer psychic-energetic perception abilities via self-reconstruction techniques, altered state meditation and inner-outer contemplation processes.

The way we process information systems, and systems of thoughts, are just as important as the psychological interrelation dynamics that adds to our perception of self, others and reality. What we know, defines what we are able to perceive and interact with information, be it on an everyday level, within paradigms of science or on the holographic-energetic planes of existence.

Yet, what matters the most is rarely something that is granted without challenges although we mightwant it to be that way.

The higher order energies work in different ways andthe learning process to master these is like a steep path with many inner andouter challenges.

As for now, it is time for the continuation of these explorative inner-outer psychic-energeticprocesses and take my developmental awareness project to the next level.

Excerpts From Modern History

Facts or Fiction?

Contingency Plans


The year is 1947.

Winston Churchill is in his office, smoking his notorious cigar. His cat is on the pillow, relaxed and sleepy.

New information has just reached him via telephone and considerations are to be made. “This cannot be revealed to the public. We have just come out of the wars and now this,” Churchill is clearly distressed and thinking about what the next move should be. “We cannot let this turn into more disastrous decisions. There have been plenty of these.”

The other man in the room agrees but is mostly silent as he just sits there in the sofa in front of the fire place. The clock is ticking in the background breaking the silence. The cat moves a bit and begins to purr. The other man allows for the cat to get on his lab although it will mess up his black trousers. Churchill goes on with his thinking process. Now more determined than before.

“The craft that was found in Nevada is not an issue as such. That has been taken care of. But what are we to do with this one?” The other man has little reply to that.

“The Military cannot be involved this time. They did not respond well the last time,” Churchill goes on. “The facilities are not fully operational yet and the training is not working as anticipated. Any suggestions for this one?” The other man, merely a black shadow, responds. “The most prudent thing is to bury the lot. Just let it slide into oblivion and from there not worry more about it.”

“The clear out?” Churchill asks.

“Yes, the clear out,” the other man says calmly. He is not fully human it appears. The skin is too harsh and the energy too dark to be fully human. A half incorporated dark one into human form perhaps?

Churchill goes behind his desk and makes the call. An American officer in the other end answers. “Initiate the clear out,” Churchill demands in a tired voice and puts down the phone. With the same tired voice, he turns to the man in black and says; “it is time we move on. Give humanity a second chance to free themselves of the bondage of these alien forces.”

“Agreed,” is all the man in black can say. “I will move on with the correct insertions and program settings to complete the clear out. A shame though,” he says out in the air, “it would have been nice if the projects for once could have lifted off into new heights and not be stalled again.” He leaves the room.

Churchill sits down again and pulses on his cigar. The cat jumps onto his lap, getting ready for the big hands of Churchill to pet it. “Yes, a shame,” he answers as the man in black vanishes from his room.

Moving Forwards


The year is 1953.

In a military base busy activity is played out. Lots of helicopters and activity getting ready to take off to South Korea. It is the end of the Korean war and the last final potential threats must be taken out.

Military personnel are prepped for the last advancement and engagement. The air is thick of excitement and busy talk. A high rank officer moves among the soldiers towards a desk behind a glass, in which a busy looking man sits. He is not military but more like a scientist. A doctor. “How are things going,” the general asks the man.

“I can´t seem to crack the genetic code of this one,” he replies, being busy looking into papers as if he is trying to find the answers there. He looks up at the high rank officer, focusing on him. “Did you want something in particular,” he asks.

“Yes, I am concerned about the item at hand. It makes the staff nauseous and at the same time alters their brain signature into an oddly off tone sequence, which traces to another system parallel to ours. The indicator is a system outside the Aldebaran system,” the high rank officer replied.

“Hmm,” the scientist was not in a talkative mood, “I´m sorry; I can´t do much about it. The men just have to get used to being around the items and not fuzz about it,” is all the scientist can say.

“Very well. I will tell the men that the security is in the highest order and that there is nothing to worry about,” the general says.

“Yes, do that,” is all the high rank officer gets.

Continued Mysteries

The year is 1987.

“It is clear with the circumstances at hand that we cannot opt for further changes,” the man says to the female in the lab.

“How can we improve the current status of the majority of humans into a complete solar nation adaptability and capacity, when their genetic structure is outdated and way behind the normal setting for projects similar to this?”

“There are similarities to other projects in the vicinity of the triangle between Andromeda, Taurus and Ursa Major,” the female states; a bit distracted because she is looking into the properties of the genetic structure at hand in a full blown-up code sheet in front of her, showing her the holographic features of the genetic make-up.

“Perhaps we can modify the current genetic strand and alter its composition into a more upgradable one?” is all she replies.

“We have to think this one through,” is the thoughtful reply of the male. “Very carefully.”

A Military Enhanced Faction

I got a holographic message coded into a photo of a person I was going to do a template reading for. Here is the message:


Alteration Scheme Provision (the body and its template)

The basic form is created of interdimensional re-generation abilities and set up to complete a full transformation. The driving agent is manufactured to do the restoring inside the Sirian-Orion-Zeta military programs with the needed modifications.


  • The adjustability system (the template) is composed of several code layers to fulfill the integration process of staled and adapted code systems engineered specifically for this transformation.
  • The separation field of individual progression adaptabilities is partly disruptive and needs repair from the code level to allow for new possibilities to unfold.
  • System functionality is currently not fully operational and needs an adjustment to complete mission statement. This is in progress.


Q: Who is in operation of these alterations?

“Higher Order (enhanced humans) Military Operation Units and similar departments spread all over the world in a joint effort to accommodate basic changes in composite human DNA.”


Q: Why are you giving me this information?

“Due to the circumstances of the shutting down of the simulation programs, we all have participated in, experiments are done from some of the original opposing factions to meet up with the ones that are in the process of remembering their origin and from that see if it is possible to instigate a loose collaboration to accommodate and meet up with the changes, we all are to face.”


Q: When do you think the full resetting kicks in?

“From our calculations, the full resetting will begin in 2018, unfolding over the next three to four years and from that instigate several changes in all forms of biological lifeforms in this reality field.”


Q: How are you doing the alterations?

“We are doing a sequential restoring on the energy system acting as a type of higher agent in the consciousness field. Via this, we interfere with the code level and from that enact the particle layers to new abilities. These are part of the new hybrid programs, where we go into the fetal integration pattern of a human (quantum tunneling technology) and here restore the biological genetics with new altered hybrid genetics composed of various consciousness units from volunteering races, traded to us via the Sirian-Orion-Zeta Greys and otherworldly races collaborating with us. In this the human receives genetic infusions to the consciousness field and from that the code field alters, and lastly the particle field.”


Q: Are there reptilians and other races here today?

“Ha ha that is one of the best scams we have done so far. As we investigate the distortion field of humanity and what they long for, we insert and adapt to your needs while we continue to the work to solve the resetting codes of our reality. Most of the old stellar races (from other constellations and their planets) left a long time ago. Today we mostly work with otherworldly humanlike races like us. We need time to work with the resetting codes and in this we prolong your awakening process with distorted information and spokes persons, we engineer to your liking, fitting the memory layers, you currently are working your way through. But as always some of the information is partly close to the truth and the operations, we have in the outer reality.”


Q: How do you look today?

“We still obtain a human form like the one you have today. However, we have made several enhancements and adjustments allowing us to function in all the layers of the construction and the reality pockets, we created together and not just the segments, we agreed upon to begin with. In this we have gained full control of our worlds but also in this we have distorted them further, hence the completion and resetting of all realities in this quadrant.”


Q: When you mess around with people; what do you do?

“We insert genetics from other races and from that alter the code field as an attempt to undo the high levels of distortions most humans hold today. Over time this will change the particle form into a new human race. Our attempt was to delay the resetting. Now we work for genetic transfer to other worlds, where we have affiliates.”


Q: Insectoid, avian, reptiod and mammal genetics?

“Old memories of a long gone past. These evolutions are long gone in all worlds in our universe. Today most worlds operate with the triad system of consciousness, codes and hyper-dimensional particle forms giving the ability to exist in all dimensions of the current world settings. The consciousness fields are often engineered and composed to fit the dynamics and requirements of the world that is wanted. The animal genetics are long gone and with them the races having more animal-like forms, although some still prefer to keep up the appearances of these.”


Q: Hyper-dimensional?

“In your perception, you work with 3 dimensions. In our perception time is not a dimension or a faculty to take into consideration. That was implanted information to derail the growing understanding in physics of few awakening humans at the time. Time is the converter of accepted linearity that is a mean to control the code system of your brain. If linearity is the prevailing agent in your perception of reality, then you are restricted to work with sequences of linearly in your code system. In other words, if you worked with the hyper-dimensional, that is above 3 dimensions and time, you would discover the higher order potentials of reality; i.e. the code layers and the direct influence you have on them.”


Q: Quantum sciences?

“Particle accelerator incorporation systems of thought, where we operate through agents inside the outer worlds to accommodate the needed upgrading of the code fields of the programs on that level.”


Q: Breaking down of monetary systems and world war 3?   

“Amped up fear mongering and distortion programs from certain humans remembering the last time our world broke into pieces projected into the current distortion programs. The resetting is stressing us all, including the less awakened humans since their consciousness field is trying to make them wake up but cannot penetrate the code field due to their distortions.”


Q: The Clones?

“Partly ours, mostly off-worlders attempts to be able to function inside the outer reality. Why? To experience our worlds. The clones are used for a short period of time and then left to dissolve on their own. Unfortunately adding to the distortion field. You can call it tourism if you like. In addition, we got the new technologies we needed, along with certain genetic infusions.”


Q: Future human races coming here to collect genetics?

“Part of our future races, still in the process of adjusting to the new systems and thus coming back to alter what doesn’t work in the future before the resetting.”


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