Understanding the Reality Programs

Is it Possible to Change the World?

Exploring the Ideas of Reality Programs

The concept of Earth being the product of an ancient advanced civilization is a fascinating thought experiment that challenges our understanding of history and science.

The "Silurian Hypothesis" is one such theoretical framework that explores the possibility of a sophisticated society existing on Earth before humans. Proposed by astrophysicists Adam Frank and Gavin Schmidt, this hypothesis suggests that if such a civilization had existed millions of years ago, we might find indirect evidence in the geological record, such as anomalies in sediment or unusual isotope ratios.

While direct evidence like technological artifacts is unlikely to survive the test of time due to the rarity of fossilization and Earth's dynamic surface, researchers speculate that other forms of evidence could hint at their existence. However, it's important to note that this remains a speculative scenario, with no concrete evidence to support the existence of an advanced pre-human civilization on Earth. The hypothesis serves more as a provocative way to question our assumptions and to consider the long-term impacts of a civilization on a planetary scale.

Can the World Be Changed via Advanced Technology?

The Matrix of Change was another attempt to change our action potentials via advanced higher dimensional reality programs - based upon the Event Programs - to generate a highway of possiblities that would lead to change and rewriting of the Old World Order Programs. The inserted Reality Programs were part of an extra-systemic & future humanity attempt to ensure a possible future humanity, of their choosing, living in our reality field.

However, at the end of 2022, the attempt failed and instead we have now moved into another attempt to alter our solar system with new Advanced Future Human Technologies. 

Such technologies appear to be of extra-terrestrial origin. In a way they are, if we include the future solar system humanities that choose to get replicated genetics from other parallel humanoid races inserted into their bio-field, with the goal of enhancing the human DNA.

Thus, as proposed, these advanced technologies are engineered by upcoming human civilizations originating from our own solar system, proceeding our time, in worlds with dystopian prospects, break-down of gene codes and end-of-all civilizations dynamics.

The Matrix of Change Illustrated

  • The goal was to shift the holographic reality field codes from the distorted old forms of reality programs and into a new type of reality programs that would be able to uphold 4th and 5th cycle fields of an alternate parallel system configuration.
  • Within these new program settings, it would be possible to upgrade humanity holographically to withstand the regressed timeline collapse, which are a disruptive factor of the possible future human communities.
  • And finally, the new reality programs were enabling extra-dimensional terraforming of our reality field into a new type of 4th and 5th cycle reality setting, based upon the extra-systemic technologies.

The Basic Understanding

For starters, we must understand that when we overlook the amplification vectors and the effects of the alteration of one system into another, and when two systems are affected, as illustrated with the 3 examples in the text – a very short version of complicated systemic-energetic dynamics – the amplification vectors will spill over into one of the other four main reality systems, and initiate changes there as well. As more of the systems get affected, the higher the affectability rate – that is the momentum of the amplification vector - will be on the overall reality matrix due to the amplification vectors.


The growth rate in the matrix of change, in the overall holographic network, will go from the local 1:1 ratio into exponential systemic growth rates, tipping the reality matrix into completely new dynamics and processes. All due to the sum of the systems involved and their local amplification rates. 1+1 gives 2, and 2+2 give 4.


A matrix of change is a four-fold systemic-energetic transformational program based upon advanced future civilization technology, driven by inserted multi-dimensional probability-possibility quantum dynamics to instigate alteration of gene code sequences within the lifeforms of the chosen reality fields where these programs are added. The four-fold systemic-energetic transformational program is operated from the future, via advanced timewave technology and augmented 5D cubes.

In the first course, we explore the holographic information systems behind our reality. Then, we shift focus into the systemic-dynamic insertions and how these are connected to our reality.

In this course, we work with the Matrix of Change and our approach to the NRPs. We learn how these works, and why it is good to understand the new reality programs and the sciences behind.

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