A Holo-Energetic Transcension Journey

A Next Journey of Humanity

The Holographic-Energetic Transcension

The Transcension Journey: A Path to Higher Consciousness

The concept of transcension refers to a journey of transformation and evolution towards higher states of consciousness. This journey is often depicted as a multi-stage process, where each stage represents a significant shift in understanding and being. It is a path that integrates various aspects of our existence, from the physical to the holographic-energetic and into new states of what we perceive as physical.

Bio-Energetic Transcension

The first stage, bio-energetic transcension, involves the recognition and optimization of our biological energy systems. Practices such as bioenergetic therapy, which integrates physical movements, deep breathing, and emotional expression, can help release trapped energy within the body, leading to improved mental and physical health. This stage is about becoming aware of the life force, and its higher order equivalents, that flows within us and learning to harmonize it with our environment.

Psychic-Energetic Higher Order Abilities

As one progresses, the journey leads to the development of psychic-energetic higher order abilities. This stage involves expanding our awareness beyond the physical realm and tapping into the psychic and intuitive aspects of our being. It is about cultivating inner wisdom and using it to navigate life with a deeper sense of purpose and connection.

Holographic-Energetic Transcension

The final stage mentioned is the holographic-energetic transcension. This stage is more abstract and involves a shift in perception that allows us to see the interconnectedness of all things through the lenses of the holographic-energetic higher order reality networks that energize our reality field as well as the bio-organic vessel. It is a state where one can perceive the holographic-energetic nature of reality, understanding that each part reflects the whole. This perspective can lead to profound insights into the nature of existence and our place within it.

The Journey Continues

The transcension journey is not linear but rather a spiral of continuous growth and learning. Each stage builds upon the previous one, allowing for an ever-expanding consciousness. It is a personal and unique path that can lead to a more fulfilling and enlightened existence.

The journey of transcension is a deeply personal one, and while it can be supported by various practices and teachings, it ultimately relies on the individual's commitment to growth and transformation. It is a path of self-discovery, where one learns to transcend the limitations of the physical world and embrace the boundless potential of the human higher order capacites.


The transcension journey is a fascinating exploration of human potential and consciousness. It is a reminder that we are more than just physical beings; we are complex, multi-dimensional entities capable of profound growth and transformation. Whether one is just beginning this journey or well on their way, each step offers valuable lessons and opportunities for development. It is a journey without end, where the destination is not a place, but a state of being that continues to evolve and expand.

It is important to note that the transcension journey is highly individual and subjective, and the stages described above are not necessarily linear or mutually exclusive.

Additionally, interpretations of these experiences can vary greatly depending on cultural, religious, and philosophical frameworks. Ultimately, the transcension journey is a deeply personal exploration of consciousness and the nature of reality.

The concept of a transcension journey, particularly one that progresses from bio-energetic to holographic-energetic transcension, incorporating psychic-energetic higher-order abilities, can be understood as a progressive journey of consciousness. 

1. Bio-energetic transcension: This stage involves an individual's initial awareness and healing of their own bio-energetic field. This field is often associated with concepts like qi, prana, or life force energy in various cultural and spiritual traditions. Practices such as qigong, yoga, or tai chi can help individuals develop sensitivity to and control over this energy. Through practices like mindfulness, breathwork, and energy cultivation exercises, individuals may begin to feel more connected to their bodies and the energetic flows within them. 

2. Psychic-energetic abilities: As individuals become more adept at working with their bio-energetic field, they may start to experience what are commonly referred to as psychic abilities. These can include telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, and intuition. These abilities are often seen as extensions or manifestations of the subtle energies explored in the bio-energetic stage. Developing psychic abilities requires deepening one's awareness, honing intuition, and practicing techniques that enhance extrasensory perception. 

3. Holographic-energetic transcension: This stage represents a profound shift in consciousness wherein individuals begin to perceive reality in a more holistic-energetic and interconnected manner. They may experience a dissolution of ego boundaries and a sense of unity with the universe. This stage often involves profound higher order psychic-energetic experiences, such as mystical visions, otherworldly experiences, or deep states of meditation-contemplation that accesses the higher realms of our reality. Individuals may perceive reality as an interconnected web of energy, where everything is intrinsically linked and influenced by each other. Practices like meditation, contemplation, and higher order transition experiences may facilitate this shift in consciousness.

4. Integration and mastery: As individuals progress through these stages, they may find themselves integrating their experiences and abilities into their daily lives. This involves embodying the insights gained from their transcension journey and using their abilities to contribute positively to their own growth and the well-being of others. Continued practice, self-reflection, and learning are essential for mastering these stages and navigating the complexities of expanded consciousness.

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A Holographic-Energetic Transcension Journey